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Maintenance Guidance

Reporting Maintenance

To report maintenance please set-up your online account:-

1. Click on the Login tab
2. Go to Would You Like To Create An Account?
3. We will then send you an email with your account password
4. You can then view the jobs already reported and tell us about any other maintenance.

If you are unable to report the maintenance online, you can call us on 01892 530109 or pop in to the TW Lettings office at 34 Monson Road, Tunbridge Wells, TN1 1LU.

What is an Emergency?

We consider an emergency situation to be where something has happened that could be considered dangerous, life threatening, may result in injury or would seriously damage the property. If you have an emergency situation, i.e, water coming through the ceiling, we will endeavour to help you immediately.

What maintenance faults should I deal with?

Minor maintenance issues should be easy enough for you to deal with. For example, you should replace light bulbs, unblock drains/toilets, tighten loose screws in handles, change batteries in smoke alarms and entry phones etc.

If you are unsuccessful at your attempts we would be happy to recommend someone to you to contact.

What if I notice a water leak?

Please inform us immediately of any leaks by calling 01892 530109. Below are some things you can do in the meantime

Leak from a copper water pipe or tap:

Please turn off your water at the stop clock normally found under the kitchen sink/under the stairs. If it is not there, it may be in the cellar or in the ground floor front room. Then turn on the kitchen taps to drain the water from the pipes and the tank.

Leak from the ceiling from bathroom above:

Don’t use the bathroom. If you were using the shower or bath recently, then it’s likely the leak is coming from the drain, so don’t use them again. Don’t forget that the water may keep coming through the ceiling even once you have stopped using the bath. Don’t switch on the ceiling light below the bathroom and try and catch the water in buckets/ mop up excess water.

Leak from a washing machine:

Please switch the machine off. If the leak is coming from the water supply into the appliance then turn the red and blue plastic taps behind to the off position. Mop up the water with newspaper or towels.

Leak from the roof:

Catch the water in a bucket. Use newspaper and towels to soak up the water.

What if my electricity goes off?

Firstly, check to see if your neighbours have electric. If they have, then go to your fuse-box and re-set any switches, which have tripped to “off”. If the fuse keeps tripping off then switch off all the fuses and make sure they are pressed all the way down. Then, unplug all electrical appliances in the house especially kettles, irons, hair straighteners and washing machines. You should then be able to re-set the fuse-box.

What if the pilot light on the boiler goes out?

Check the pressure gauge and pilot light. If you have a combi-boiler (instant hot water and heating from same boiler) please check that the pressure gauge is between 1 and 1.5. If the pressure is below 1 then you need to bring up the pressure by filling the central heating system with more water. Open the tap or valve on the flexible loop pipe below the boiler to do this. You will hear the water rushing into the central heating pipe – close the tap after a few seconds and re-check the gauge. If your boiler is an older model please check that the pilot light is still lit. If not, follow the instructions on the boiler flap to re-start the pilot light – be patient as it can take a few attempts to be successful.

What if I smell gas?

Call Transco immediately on 0800 111 999 and switch off the gas at the gas meter. Ventilate your property. Transco will come to your property and switch off any part of the gas system they think may be causing a problem.

If you feel unhappy or unsure about carrying out any of the suggestion please do not attempt it and call us instead.